Will President Joe Biden succeed in getting rid of Trump’s policies?

Will President Joe Biden succeed in getting rid of Trump's policies

What US President Donald Trump has given to the United States and what he has snatched from America’s hands and thrown away has changed a lot. There was a time when there was a flurry of continuity in American policies and the fact is that the United States did not change much with the change of President. Globally, there was a set of basic policy frameworks in this regard, in which the newly elected US President followed a set of policies with minor modifications. Now, the policies of the previous president, the Trump era, cannot be continued by the new US president, nor can they be easily eradicated. The United States, chaired by Joe Biden, is no longer the United States he served as Vice President under Obama.

The NATO Secretary General’s reaction;-

The scenes that American Capitol Hill saw on January 6, 2021, could have been from a Third World country, but not from the United States. The NATO Secretary General’s response to such incidents was similar to the way the United States has reacted to other countries۔ NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg was among the first to respond. He wrote in a Twitter message that “disturbing scenes in Washington D.C., the results of these democratic elections must be respected.” One would not have thought that such a reaction would come from the most senior NATO official. The position of the United States in the world after four years of Donald Trump’s presidency has been expressed by the words of the NATO Secretary General. The United States, which considers itself the guardian of democracy around the world, is today being expressed by world leaders about the same concern as it did for others.

The situation is not good at the beginning of the new US presidency

The situation is not good at the beginning of the new US presidency, which is not a good start for President Joe Biden. Donald Trump’s various policies, trade relations and Europe’s desire for its own sovereignty can make relations with the United States difficult. But there is another factor that is on the minds of almost all of the world’s most important leaders and circles that Trump’s departure has not ended Trumpism forever. This is not just because of the attack on Capitol Hill, but because these allies think that Joe Biden may only be president once and four years later a new form of Trumpism will come to power again. Apparently, these concerns are not unfounded, but are due to a profound change within the United States. According to some commentators, the United States will now have the long-term effects of Trump’s catastrophe. It will take a long time for his presidency to clean up and rebuild the rubble of American policies and glory. Similarly, many observers are expressing the view that there is no guarantee that Trump or anyone else like him will not take power soon and will not make policies for white Americans alone.

United States has lost its power and influence because of Trump; 

Biden has become the president of the United States, which has lost its power and influence because of Trump. The United States has distanced itself from arms reduction agreements. It has abandoned nuclear deals with Iran and pulled out of a number of environmental deals. The United States has focused on reducing its military presence abroad, but has offered no diplomatic alternative. Most US allies, including NATO, have reduced their reliance on the United States for their security. The United States has become the most politically inactive and divided country at the moment, and this fact is significant because the global system has suffered greatly from US policies in recent years. According to international observers, US defense and security policy is currently in a very bad state. Policy to prevent proliferation of weapons, which has been going on since the Cold War and which in a way maintained world peace, is now crumbling. In this context, a last-ditch effort to uphold the nuclear deal between the United States and Russia will be at the forefront of new US President Joe Biden’s agenda.

China’s economy  growing but United States seems to have failed miserably; 

The new president is elected when China’s economy is growing again after overcoming the epidemic, while the United States seems to have failed miserably. The coronavirus has caused the highest number of deaths in the United States worldwide, and vaccine distribution has not been effective in countering the epidemic. The recent investment deal between the European Union and China is also one of the difficulties that the new US president will face. The administration of Joe Biden wished the agreement would not have been signed so soon, and Joe Biden’s team had expressed reservations. He says a trade deal with China is not the right thing to do at a time when China is cracking down on democrats in Hong Kong. Biden wants to compete with China, but also to cooperate with China as much as possible. In this regard, trade policy is more important than strategic policy

Trump has created problems for Biden in Middle East; 

Speaking of the Middle East, the outgoing US President, Trump, has not created any less problems for Biden here, and if Biden wants to overcome those difficulties, he has to sacrifice the early part of his presidency. Will be. It is extremely difficult for the new president to reverse the kind of relationship Trump has established with Israel and the steps he has taken during his tenure. It is difficult to get rid of the effects of the relations that the Arab countries have established with Israel at the behest of the United States. The same problems are due to the withdrawal of the United States from the international agreement with Iran. Now, even if Biden returns to the agreement, it is difficult to get rid of its effects, and even if he ignores the agreement like Trump, it will have far-reaching effects on America’s global role. The Middle East is currently aligning its policies with those of the new US administration to improve relations with Biden’s team.

In light of the changes taking place in the Middle East at the behest of the United States, returning to the nuclear deal with Iran has become the most difficult.

If Biden withdraws troops from Afghanistan; 

Speaking of Afghanistan, it will not be without interest because this is the issue that Donald Trump wanted to get rid of and now he has left the case for Biden. If Biden withdraws troops from Afghanistan as planned by Trump, the United States will not be able to afford to leave the field at a critical juncture for China and Russia. According to recent developments, Russia has an attractive plan for the development of Afghanistan’s infrastructure as well as the training of troops in Afghanistan. Similarly, China is ready to invest in innumerable mega projects in Afghanistan and a lot of work has been done in this regard.

The Americans got rid of Donald Trump, but only time will tell whether President Joe Biden will follow President Trump’s policies or succeed in getting rid of them.

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