Why planning fails | How to prevent planning from failing

The most precious and priceless thing in the world is ‘time’. Time is like a double-edged sword, one of which has to be used wisely. If it is not used properly, the other edge moves and destroys the human being. Planning is the best way to use time wisely. 

The most important of the world’s creations is man, who has been blessed to plan. Thanks to this, man succeeds in achieving great goals in a short period of time. As the new year begins, it comes to everyone’s mind that I should do the best planning for the new year so that I can achieve something in my life. But unfortunately there are many people who plan and make intentions for the new year but forget everything after a few days. According to a study on New Year’s planning, 95% of people around the world plan for the New Year and then only manage to keep it until January 15 and then forget everything. This means that man’s plan for 365 days could not last more than fifteen days.

Whenever it comes to planning, people think that the purpose of planning is just to make money.

However, this is only one aspect, while success in life requires not only one aspect but many areas to be well taken care of and only by looking at all these areas we can gauge one’s success.

Many people who are hardworking, capable, honest and talented plan for the new year but still their goals are not fulfilled because these people plan very well but they have some basic flaws. There are reasons why their planning fails. The main flaws are as follows;

1. Lack of clarity of goals and objectives;

If a person does not know where to go, how and in what direction he will be able to start his journey. In the same way, it is useless to plan without explaining any goal and purpose because a person who is in this state of anxiety and hesitation can never reach the destination. The worst mental anguish in the world is restlessness and anxiety. In this state man cannot move forward or backward. The greatest blessing for human success in any profession in the mind sciences is the determination and explanation of things.

The human mind works like a powerhouse. Its energy works properly when he has clear targets and goals and when he knows what to do and where to go. For example, Someone is driving an amazing new model Mercedes car but he doesn’t know where to go. He will drive the car to one side and then to the other side. Doing so will consume all his petrol. And then in the evening that person would get out of the car and kick it and say what is the use of such an expensive car that can’t get me to the destination then every wise person will say what is the fault of the car. The car has to move, it was your job to drive it in the right direction, how could you reach the destination when you did not drive in the right direction. If a person has a small and cheap car, but he knows where to go, then such a person reaches his destination.

You may have seen a lot of mediocre people in your life who have progressed, because they have clear planning and a clear goal and they have succeeded in achieving their goal.

You may have seen very intelligent people in your life who failed to achieve their goal because they have no planning and no clear goal,such pointless people cannot achieve their goal. As one famous thinker put it, “The only difference between a traveler and a wanderer is the destination.” If you do not know your destination, then you are walking, and if you know, then you are not walking, but achieving the goal.

When the brain is given a purpose;

Whenever you give the brain a goal, it will start working on it. It doesn’t matter if the goal is right or wrong, it starts working on that goal and suffocates. The mind is not logical and analytical, but man sets it himself. We think that we all have the same minds, but this is not the case at all. Of course, after birth, the minds of human beings are very similar to each other, but then the circumstances, events, attitudes of people, study, observation and background, all these things together form a specific human mind, on the basis of which He is different from others.

The basic principle of the mind is that if you give it a purpose, it will achieve it, but if you confuse it, it will waste your energy and time and you will not get the goal. In a state of confusion, the human brain creates fear, uncertainty, insecurity and hopelessness which can be extremely harmful to you. Whenever you have these four things too much, understand that you are a confused person.

The appropriate solution to deal with this situation is to keep your purpose clear and focus on your destination. destination. It will not only give you heartfelt satisfaction but also encouragement and strength. In this way you will stick to your goal and succeed in achieving it despite thousands of obstacles.

What should we do? 

To prevent planning from failing, it is important to be clear and unequivocal about everything in your life, whether it is your friends, your critics, your engagements or your ideas. You have to have a good reason for your ideas.

2. Lack of preparation;

The second major reason for the failure of planning is that we are not ready to achieve success or destination, so we do not get success. Success without preparation is nothing but a dream. 

To achieve great success you have to look at the aspects of your caste where you have weaknesses and then work on them. You have to improve yourself in your knowledge, sittings and  ways of living. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

3. lack of willpower;

The most important thing to achieve your goal is decision power which is called will power. Your will power can be measured by how well you fulfill your covenant with others, how far do you go after starting any work and how sure you are of your opinion.

Most people fail at planning because they do not have the willpower to carry it out. When a person works hard at a task, he can achieve success with the same amount of hard work, but we see that it does not happen. Before you start any work, look at the end of it and then make every effort to reach that point with consistency. 

A person’s will power is not related to his age, profession, mental ability and financial status. It is possible for a person to have a little bit of intelligence and it is also possible for a person to be involved in a small profession, be of any age or be financially weak but he can get a big position thanks to his will power.

4۔ Friendship and relationships;

A person’s companionship and relationships are closely linked to his planning. If you associate with people who are not enthusiastic, they will make you like them. If it is possible to be detached from such people, detach them, and if detachment is not possible, take care of them, but beware of them. If they dominate your emotions, they will not let you progress because the person who is stopped is happy to stop others, so always keep your company with enthusiastic people.


From the above discussion it can be concluded that clarity of goals and objectives, self-preparation, decision making and relationships are all basic factors that need to be improved before any planning can take place. If these things are better then every plan of yours will be successful and you can progress in life but if it doesn’t happen then none of your planning will be successful and you will not be able to progress.

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