White House or haunted house

White House or haunted house

The ghost of former US President Abraham Lincoln is said to be haunting the White House. Articles, books or documentaries have been made about his ghostly shadow, but it does not end with the appearance of Abraham Lincoln’s ghost.On the contrary, many former US presidents and personalities have passed away whose souls are still not ready to leave the presidential palace.

President Abraham Lincoln is known to have embarked on a number of projects to fulfill the dreams he had for the United States. But the killer did not give them a chance to complete it. That is why his soul is still wandering in this place because the presidents who came after him did not try to embarrass his dream.

US President Harry S. Truman wrote a bizarre story to his wife, Bess, in an urgent letter:

“I was reading an official document while I was sitting in my room, During this I heard human footsteps. I looked up and saw no one. But I could still hear the whisper coming. I panicked and went out. When I got out of the way, my anxiety increased because I could hear the voices of many invisible people walking there while I could not see anyone. I came back to the room and lay down on the bed thinking that at last this What’s the matter? I began to remember the rumors I had heard about this palace-like building. But I never believed in these things and today I had a situation where I could hear the sound of mysterious footsteps but I could not see. Well, I went to sleep to get rid of these thoughts. I tried and after a while I fell asleep, but it was not a normal sleep as usual. It was a sleep full of anxiety and nightmares. So I would wake up early in the morning but at about four o’clock that night the sound of knocking disturbed my sleep. This was unusual because anyone who had to meet or come would call me in my bedroom through the secretary, so no one would knock on my door. Anyway I got up and went and opened the door but there was no one outside. Then I was convinced that the rumors I was hearing were true and that the White House was really haunted. I was asleep the next night when there was a loud knock on the door three times. No one could knock on my door like that. So I hurriedly got up, put on my robe and opened the door. Even today no one was there. I went to the hall but it was empty then I went to see your room and Margi’s room but they were also empty as usual. I came back to my bedroom, locked the door from the inside and as I walked towards the bed I saw that there were footprints on the floor. I checked in the bathroom but no one was there. When I got back to bed, I saw new footprints that were leaving the room. “

It was only a year after US President Harry S. Truman took over the presidency that he clashed with the late Abraham Lincoln. One night his sleep kept getting worse because someone was knocking on his door and when he got up and opened the door no one was there. Those were the dim moments of the morning when the knock came again so he opened the door and stood. After a while, he felt that a very cold breeze was blowing in his room. At the same time, Truman heard footsteps. He later wrote about the incident in detail not only in his diary but also in a letter to his wife, Bess, who did not like Washington, so she lived in her family home in Mussoorie.

The president further wrote in the letter:

“I am disturbed by the constant movement of ghosts in this old presidential building at night. The first knock on my door at four o’clock in the morning was very loud and continuous. This time I will not come to bed until I see something. I opened the door and stood up and after a few moments I heard someone coming in front of me because I could only hear him but he could not see. The next moment I was touched by the coldest wind and came into my room. Then there was a deep silence and nothing happened until the sun came up. Twenty!

This place, the White House, is terribly haunted. Obey me and come here with Margie and save me before the demons take me away. “

And ironically, after President Truman’s death, his own ghost was seen haunting the same White House.

The most powerful claim to see and communicate with Lincoln’s ghost was made by President Theodore Roosevelt, who came to power 40 years after Lincoln’s assassination. They were big fans of him. He always repeated his Lincoln’s in his speech. He said many times that

“I have seen Lincoln’s ghost wandering in different rooms. I often see them standing near a pillar in the big hall.”

Lincoln also showed his face to White House residents during the Calvin College administration. President Calvin’s wife, Grace, has repeatedly claimed to have confronted Lincoln. He said that “she always saw Lincoln’s ghost in a black dress. And whenever he looks at the hall or the lawn, his hair is flying. One day I saw him in the Oval Office where he was standing by the window and looking at the Potomac River and was smiling. He had his hands on his back. As I panicked and started to leave his room, my foot got entangled in something at the sound of which Mr. Lincoln turned and looked into my eyes for a moment and disappeared. During the time we’ve been in the White House, we’ve seen former President Lincoln, often standing by the window of the Oval Office. “

Throughout President Bush Sr.’s administration, not only did Lincoln’s ghost disappear, but other ghosts did not appear in the White House. They may have considered Bush a bigger ghost than themselves. In the days of Bill Clinton, all the ghosts came out of nowhere. Bill Clinton’s brother ,Roger, in particular, was haunted by ghosts. Roger himself admitted that he would never go to the White House if he could because Lincoln’s ghosts did not want to see him there. Many of Clinton’s staff used to say such things, but the official spokesmen denied all such things.

In addition to Abraham Lincoln, other ghosts in the White House include John Adams, the second president of the United States, and his wife, Abigail. They have been visible to the people since the time of Barack Obama. When Abigail was first lady, she would wash her clothes and hang them on the balcony of the east-facing room of the White House to dry. His soul is also occasionally seen in the same place. He has a cape on his head and a shawl on his shoulders. The next most visible ghost is that of David Burns, a landowner. This is the man who owned the family’s swampy land on both sides of the Potomac River. The city of Washington DC is located on these lands. David sold his land to the US government and often came to the White House to collect the price. People who have seen him say that before he arrives his introductory voice as “I’m Mr. Burns” and then his ghost appears in the monster form.

It should be noted that in the past, presidents or others who talked about seeing Abraham Lincoln or other ghosts, after their passing, their own ghosts wander into the White House, as President Harry S. Truman mentioned earlier. Truman served as President of the United States from 1945 to 1953 and died in 1972. A few days after his death, people saw him walking on the lawn of the White House.

All ghosts may still be seen in the White House today, but since the time of President Obama, there has been a strict ban on such news in the media. That is why we are deprived of the latest news of ghosts in the center of American power.

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