The Hindutva extremism of the RSS is coming to an end | farmers protest

The Hindutva extremism of the RSS is coming to an end

Controversial agricultural laws in India are in fact an attempt by Hindus to destroy minorities. There have been several rounds of talks with the government to end the crisis created by the farmers’ movement, but due to Modi’s adherence to his position, these rounds of talks proved fruitless and no results were forthcoming. 

Dozens of farmers killed;

Dozens of farmers sitting on the sit-in were killed. In a letter written in blood, Indian farmers reiterated their demand to Prime Minister Modi to withdraw the controversial laws, but they were not listened to. Researchers say Hindus targeted the Sikh community to end the joys of the Kartarpur corridor. Dozens of places saw political leaders forced to chant the slogan of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, wishing the Quaid-e-Azam would be supported during the partition. On the one hand, the Hindu government is saying that it is open to dialogue, but on the other hand, it is trying to suppress the Sikh movement with all its might using all official means.

A campaign is being run by the Indian government;

A campaign is being run by the Indian government in which it is being rumored that this movement is being run by misguided people, this movement is a conspiracy to mislead the farmers. Hindus have termed this movement as Khalistan movement. The Indian government has accused those involved in the movement of being traitors, jihadists and Maoists. It is being propagated that this is a foreign conspiracy.

BJP is working hard to discredit the movement;

The Bharatiya Janata Party and the government are working hard to discredit the movement in order to create a nationwide mindset against it, as it did against those who opposed the Citizenship Amendment Act last year. Even then, it was said that those who opposed the citizenship law were traitors to the country, jihadists and Maoists. To discredit them, hatred was created in the whole society, especially among the Hindus, and as a result, the activists were tortured and many innocent people were imprisoned.

What is it called democracy in India?

As the Indian government today is trying to discredit the peasant movement, how can the offer of dialogue be taken seriously? There is no such thing as democracy in India today. If someone says that there is democracy in India, then in his imagination there may be democracy in India but in fact there is no democracy in India. The question arises as to whether the brutal attitude of the Indian police against peaceful farmers who oppose agricultural laws can be called democracy. Cases of attempted murder and rioting have been registered against innocent farmers under various provisions is it called democracy in India?

Narendra Modi calls India the homeland of pure Hindus;

The representative of the extremist organization RSS, Narendra Modi and his government call India the homeland of pure Hindus. They have  ruined the lives of minorities through oppression and violence in various ways۔ At present, Narendra Modi’s government is resorting to evil in various ways to divert attention from the growing separatist movements in India and to throw dust in the eyes of the world.

In the future, India looks divided;

The protest of the farmers of Indian Punjab against the horticultural laws can presently don’t be halted. After the atrocities and killings of farmers by the Indian government, the movement is now turning into a Khalistan movement. Apart from the Khalistan movement, other separatist states of India have also become active and in the future, India looks divided. Demonstrations and separatist slogans are being held in Bangalore, Uttar Pradesh and Jaipur against the Indian government. In Occupied Kashmir too, people took to the streets and broke all barriers to protest in favor of the farmers and chanted slogans like “Leave Kashmir”.

Indian Assembly hastily passed the agrarian reform laws;

In September, when the Indian Assembly hastily passed the agrarian reform laws, Punjab farmers immediately rejected it and tried to record their protest locally, but when they were stopped from doing so and their No word was heard, farmers’ organizations announced to march to Delhi. Then the whole world saw that not only Punjab but also the farming community of Haryana became a part of this protest. The protest included women, men, the elderly, children and the young. They have closed all roads leading to Delhi.

India’s ugly face is being exposed to the world;

India’s aggressive and cruel actions, laws, cruel decisions of Indian courts, the worst human rights violations and the destruction of the region are causing India to crumble and India’s ugly face is being exposed to the world.

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