The Americans got rid of a fool

In this year’s US election, Donald Trump has failed to regain the confidence of the American people, while Joe Biden, an experienced and seasoned politician, has won a large number of votes. According to the results, Donald Trump lost this election and could not retain his presidency. In the recent election, the American people voted in favor of Joe Biden and removed Donald Trump from the presidency of the United States.

During his tenure, Donald Trump made foolish and stupid decisions such as to build a great wall on the US border, expel foreigners from the United States, and other such things, to which the public reacted strongly and as a result Trump had to wash his hands of the presidency.

Donald Trump refused to accept the results before the election results were complete because he could see his defeat completely. While he was convinced that he, like other presidents, would be re-elected for a second term, when that did not happen, he announced that he would go to the Supreme Court. When he lost, his supporters made a fuss and refused to accept the results. Later, the shock of Trump’s defeat forced him to knock on the door of the Supreme Court, but it failed and his petition was rejected. 

Earlier, if we look at the periods of George W. Bush and Barack Hussein Obama and many other presidents, If you look at the terms of George W. Bush and Barack Hussein Obama and other presidents, the majority have served two consecutive terms. But Trump’s dream of being re-elected remained unfulfilled..

During his tenure, Donald Trump’s stubbornness, arrogance and anti-Muslim thinking severely damaged not only the US economy but also international relations, defense relations and agreements with other countries. As a result, the United States lost its prestige in the world.

The Coronavirus case also played an important role in Trump’s defeat. Trump himself refused to wear a mask and did not take any specific steps to prevent the spread of the Infectious virus. Rather, he acted like a stubborn child. As a result, millions died and millions were affected.

Trump has also been accused of harassing women, and his relationship with his wife, Melania, has been strained. TV shows of which he was an anchor also came up with videos of his nasty acts which drew strong reactions.

Recently, Biden announced his economic team, which has dealt an air blow to Trump’s sentiments. It looks like Trump will take the brunt of the defeat and lose his temper.

The question is, will Joe Biden, the highest-voting candidate in US history, be able to do anything positive for the United States based on his experience, or will he, like Trump, damage America’s reputation?

Biden’s past spans 50 years of hard work in which he worked for the United States. In addition to being Vice President, he has also served in other key positions. For the past 50 years, he has spent every day for the good of America. Hopefully, he will not take a step like Trump and will look at the world differently and will not make any unwise decision. He will play a key role in bringing peace to the world and ending terrorism.

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