The amazing world of animals found around us

The amazing world of animals found around us

The animal world is full of wonder and amazement, where there are facts that amaze the reader. There are some facts about the animals around us that we know very little about.


When it comes to rabbits, they have the ability to hear by turning their ears 270 degrees. The movement of the ears prevents the rabbit from becoming prey. Rabbit ears also express behavior. Standing ears tell that they are listening attentively and when one is standing and the other is sitting, it means the rabbit is listening without paying attention. If both ears are tied behind the back, it means that the rabbit is calm. Separate ears in the same condition are signs of fear.


If we talk about dogs, which are the closest animals to humans, they can hear more frequent sounds than humans. That’s why a dog can react when you don’t see anything. Dogs can feel the difference in the footsteps of their owners and strangers. Dogs starve to death but remain loyal to their owners. Whether it’s cold or hot or whatever the weather, dogs stay up all night, risking their lives to protect their owners’ homes and animals.


Cats are more sensitive to hearing than dogs. Dogs have eight ear muscles, while cats have thirty. Cats can also rotate their ears 180 degrees. They also have the ability to see in the dark.


Another strange animal that surrounds us in large numbers is the bat. Bats determine their flight path in the dark of night through echoes. It emits ultrasonic waves from its mouth that return to it. In this way, the bat determines the size and location of an object through sound waves and finds food even in the dark. Bats have 20 ear muscles through which they can change the direction of their ears to hear echoes. 

Wax moth;

The best hearing in the animal kingdom is in the wax moth۔ Over time, wax moths have learned to avoid bats. It does not have ears, but its ability to hear is very sensitive. They can hear 150 times better than humans. They can also hear 100 Hz more sounds than bats.


Whales find their food in the dark by making sound waves and hearing echoes. Whales observe their surroundings through sound. 


Similarly, dolphins have ears, but they use a bat-like system to travel in the sea. Sound waves emanate from his forehead. When these waves return, the dolphin’s teeth and jaws receive these returning waves.


Elephants use their large ears to sense the sound of clouds gathering before the rain. Elephants also have the ability to sense infrared sound waves. They also feel the vibrations on the ground caused by the movement of their feet.


Owls can only see at night. They are capable of rotating their heads 360 degrees. Their hearing is also unusual. Their ears are not the same. As they fly, they hear sound waves coming from above with one ear. And the sounds coming from below are felt by the other ear. Their ability to see at night means that their prey cannot escape them.

Let us now talk about animals that are not found around humans but are found in very special places.

Strange Frog Found in Alaska;

A strange frog found in Alaska when it gets very cold, it also freezes with ice. The incubation period is six to seven months. During this time, the frog’s body parts stop working and its blood circulation also stops. In scientific terms this process is called hibernation. When the summer comes, this frog wakes up and starts living again. However, this frog’s way of life is very different from that of normal frogs.


Zebras are known for their unique looking stripes. The purpose of such a design is considered to be camouflage. But that’s not really the case, the zebra’s stripes were created by nature to avoid blood-sucking insects and horse flies. The lightweights that emanate from these streams repel insects.


Goldfish excrete a liquid called ethanol from their body. This only happens in the cold, when the water begins to reach freezing temperatures. Special proteins in fish convert lactic acid into alcohol. This alcohol prevents the fine veins of the fish from bursting when they melt After freezing.

Komodo dragon;

The Komodo dragon is a unique animal present in Indonesia. Despite being the largest lizard in the world, it is very weak. Its venom can be extremely dangerous and deadly, but if the lizard just tries to bite, it is in danger of breaking its own skull and teeth.

Koala bears;

A breed of bear, the koala bears are known for their impeccable appearance. These little bears are very cute, but what adds to their strengths is their claw marks. These marks are somewhat similar to a human thumb or fingerprint. They are so similar that even experts can’t tell the difference between human and koala fingerprints.


Another strange creature is the crocodile. The crocodile has strange characteristics. He is considered one of the most feared animals in the world. It is one of the first creatures to be found on earth. They have existed in the world for the last 65 million years. Despite the passage of centuries, their shape and size have not changed. There is more to it than meets the eye. The average age of a crocodile is 80 years. The oldest crocodile died in Russia in 1997 at the age of 115. Opening the crocodile’s mouth is generally considered a sign of fear. But that doesn’t mean he’s going to be aggressive. Instead, the crocodile opens its mouth to cool down because it sweats through its mouth. The crocodile gets tired as soon as he walks on the ground. Crocodile skin products are very expensive and valuable because its skin is very expensive. This skin is obtained from the crocodile’s abdomen.

Crocodiles use their tails to keep their bodies upright. They also attack in such a physical condition and this physical condition is very shocking and disturbing for their prey. At the same physical condition, they have the ability to devour animals and birds Sitting on the branches of trees hanging on the river.

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