Successful roundup of farmers in India

Successful roundup of farmers in India

The Indian capital, Delhi, has been the scene of several riots in the distant past. When assassin from Gujarat, Modi, became the Prime Minister, Delhi’s standing crops were once again in the fall. Modi started with anti-Muslim riots in view of extremist thinking. He forbade eating beef and slaughtering cows. He took ridiculous steps on the issue of three divorces. He forbade Muslims to buy or rent houses. The controversial Citizenship Bill was passed, which left Muslims deeply disappointed with the Indian state and led to widespread cold-blooded protests against Modi. Muslim women have been protesting against the Indian government and the controversial bill for more than a month. However, due to the global epidemic, these protests could not last long and it was necessary to end them due to the lockdown.

Modi, the embodiment of the Hindutva slogan;

Modi, the embodiment of the Hindutva slogan, has now usurped the rights of the Sikh minorities. For more than two months, 300 farmers ‘organizations have been protesting against the Indian government over the controversial passage of the controversial farmers’ law. Farmers have completely jammed Delhi. Farmers say the new farmers’ bill is unfair and will exploit farmers. According to farmers ‘organizations, most of which are Sikh, the new farmers’ law will cool their stoves. Even by selling their grain outside the government market, businessmen will buy their grain at low prices, which is a violation of their rights.

Sikhs Raising their voices for their rights marched Delhi;

Raising their voices for their rights, in November 2020, Sikh farmers marched to the Indian capital, Delhi, with all their daily necessities. Later, the news of the blockade of the Indian capital became part of the media. During this time, the Indian government negotiated with the farmers several times, but instead of talking, it got worse. Sikh farmers’ organizations have enacted three laws on farmers aimed at determining the method of sale, pricing and storage of agricultural commodities. Farmers are unwilling to end the siege of Delhi on anything less than the complete repeal of these laws. Farmers are protesting because they see the implementation of this law as a violation of their rights.

Protest turned into referendum on Khalistan movement;

The sit-ins, which began in November 2020, turned into a referendum on the Khalistan movement. On January 26, on the occasion of the Republic Day of India, at the call of the central leader of Sikhs for Justice, the Sikh community was seen in Delhi carrying 200,000 tractors. The peasants took down the waving Indian national flag at the Red Fort and waved their special flag of Khalistan which is a complete failure of the Indian agencies and the government.

India blamed Pakistan as usual;

Even a few minutes after the flag hoisting incident, the Indian government and media, as usual, once again blamed Pakistan without any evidence. According to the stupid news of India, the ISI has paid Rs. 50 million to the Sikhs. Former Indian Army officers talk about giving Rs 50 million on TV channels and personal social media accounts which are part of the record. India has alleged that 300 social media pages from Pakistan are mobilizing to create chaos in India while Google’s office is in India. Indian anchor Arnab Goswami’s leaked chat suggests that Arnab Goswami had been told about the Pulwama attack and the Balakot fake strike in order to foster an anti-Pakistan atmosphere in the media and the Modi government benefited from it. 

Sikhs shaken the consciousness of the Hindutva government;

The incident of January 26 this year has shaken the consciousness of the Hindutva government. Modi’s cries are telling that he has sensed the fast approaching moments of his country’s desolation. Now, even if the Sikhs end their sit-in from Delhi, a round of Khalistan movement has been played in India and the Indian government and agencies seem to be on their knees. The Sikh peasant movement also includes officers and soldiers of the Indian Army who resigned from the army service and did not take any privileges. They did so in protest as Sikh soldiers in the Indian Army were put in front so that at first only their chests would be riddled with bullets. Sikh soldiers are also sent on difficult tasks while no hard work is taken from Hindu soldiers.

The Indian government has long been cruel to the Sikh community;

The Indian government has long been cruel to the Sikh community. To this day, the Sikh community has not forgotten the bloodshed in their places of worship. In June 1984, during Operation Blue Star, the Indian Army stormed the Golden Temple, a place of worship for the Sikhs community. They killed hundreds of innocent people. In view of the gravity of the incident, slogans were chanted by the Sikhs in favor of an independent homeland. These slogans led to the beginning of the Khalistan movement. The Khalistan movement was stagnant for some time but is now in full swing. Now seeing the passion of Sikhs for Khalistan movement, the Modi government is in ruins. After the Red Fort, the Sikhs intend to hoist their flag on the Indian Parliament building. They also intend to remove the Indian flag.

Hindutva govt fails to fulfil promise;

History reveals the fact that it was the Indian government encouraged the Sikhs luring a separate state in 1947. They used the Sikhs against the Muslims in 1947.  After that, they were subdued and blood was shed on them. Today, the Sikhs are overcoming their fears and drying the throat of the Indian Hindutva government. This is the full roundup of the Khalistan movement founded in 1984 which India did not take seriously. Now the Khalistan movement has reached its peak and is ready to overthrow the Hindutva rule.

The Modi government has persecuted the Sikh farmers in every possible way. Now it remains to be seen to what extent the Modi government goes. In what ways it persecutes the farmers. It remains to be seen how strong the sentiments of the farmers are. To what extent they tolerate the oppression of the Indian government.

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