Protest by Indian farmers turned violent

For two months now thousands of farmers have been encamped in the area fighting against laws introduced last year deregulating parts of the country’s huge agricultural sector. The streets erupted in running battles with farmers and their supporters pitted against riot police at one point they tore down barricades.

Delhi Police clashed with protesting farmers;-

Police in the Indian capital Delhi have clashed with protesting farmers after tens of thousands converged on the city to express anger over agriculture reforms. The framers feared that the reforms to the agriculture industry would damage their livelihoods.

Protest and India’s republic day celebrations;-

It’s the biggest protest yet and it came during India’s republic day celebrations when a bus that was used as a roadblock being pushed aside barricades being broken hundreds of thousands of farmers marched into Delhi.

On Tuesday protest deviated from the roots it was allowed on finally reaching the red fort, a place of great political and historical significance in India. Police fired rounds of tear gas and in some places led a baton charge at the heart of this protest. 

Modi will have to take back these new agricultural laws;-

The farmers said that prime minister Modi will have to take back these new agricultural laws passed by the government in September last year. Protesters feared that the changes would open them to exploitation by private companies and have been demonstrating against them for months, now not far from the chaos and anger. 

Ongoing protests are the biggest challenge;-

For prime minister Narendra Modi the ongoing protests are the biggest challenge he’s faced since he came to power in 2014. He says that  the new laws will reform agriculture and help farmers but for the first time in nearly seven years his government has been forced to negotiate with protesters. Several rounds of talks have been held with no result and this shows how hard it will be to find a resolution.

About 250 farmers organizations you see with patience are the shield and the sword that the farmers are using in this agitation for some reason. The government is pushing the farmers hard to lose patience .

what happened was not part of the plan;-

what happened was not part of the plan. There is a committee which manages but there are 500 organizations and something went out of circuit today. It shouldn’t have happened. Now that it has happened, the Indian government must go back to the drawing board and ensure that the farmers’ protests continue to remain peaceful. Indian government will have to review it and will have to have deep and deliberate discussions. It’s a very critical moment but the blame entirely on the farmers’ organizations as having committed violence and arson and there are many other objectives going around is harsh and one-sided.

Protests are taking place amidst a global pandemic;-

We can see violent protests are taking place amidst a global pandemic when it’s dangerous for people to gather in these sorts of numbers. This puts pressure on the police to minimize the number of farmers protesting on the streets at the Delhi border where they have been sitting for 60 days so that events can be organized.

Letter to the police asking for a place to protest inside Delhi;-

A letter was written to the police chief asking for a place to protest inside Delhi, but the police chief refused. As far as November 26 is concerned, what option do farmers’ organizations really have at the moment?. The police do not want the media to be able to capture images of the protest within Delhi and have not been wanting for the last 60 days.

Places which can accommodate protesters;- 

There is a place called Boat Club in Delhi which can accommodate demonstrations of this size. They specifically ask for the boot club and the other one is Ram Leela Maiden which was denied to both for reasons that are weird that can’t be understood.

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