Negative and positive effects of corona virus on human life

Negative and positive effects of corona virus on human life

At present, the epidemic of Corona has engulfed the world. The number of coronavirus patients is increasing worldwide. The number of coronavirus patients is expected to rise sharply in future. But on the other hand, the good news is that people with the disease are recovering and returning home from quarantine. But there are also some unfortunate ones who have died. The governments of all countries seem to be doing their best, but the lack of resources is hampering some countries.

The United States is currently most concerned about the coronavirus. A powerful and resourceful country like the United States is in trouble. Corona’s attack on many countries of the world is severe. According to an American doctor, the corona virus is more united in many countries of the world, in which countries have not shown readiness and planning to deal with the coronavirus. Large numbers of deaths are taking place in these countries and they are under a lot of criticism from the people.

In the modern advanced age, the corona virus has caused havoc in the world. There is chaos, destruction and fear in every part of the world. Everything is closed, the whole world is locked down, even places of worship are closed. Markets, playgrounds, amusement parks, zoos, museums and shopping malls are closed. Schools, colleges, universities and the world’s great universities are deserted.

The transport system is completely suspended and the roads that were never empty are missing the traffic. Everything is locked, wedding halls and hotels are deserted. The beautiful scene of the world has faded. This is the first time the world has faced such a tragedy.

Suicides of important people due to fear of Corona

At present, the epidemic of Corona has infected the world. Doctors and psychologists say that there is no need to panic about this epidemic, but to fight and deal with it. The fear of this epidemic is not going away. In this fear, important people are being found nervous. The most panicked are Westerners. One reason for this seems to be that the virus has invaded the Western world with great intensity. In France, a doctor’s coronary test was positive and he panicked and committed suicide. The doctor was French and belonged to a French football team. This doctor had written a note before his death that my corona test was positive. According to the media, the doctor was in good health till two days before his death.

In Germany, the health minister committed suicide under duress. It was the first time since the global coronavirus outbreak that a senior government official had committed suicide out of desperation.

Thomas Schaefer, the finance minister of a German state, committed suicide after worrying about how to overcome the economic crisis caused by the corona virus. According to reports, the minister was 54 years old. He was found dead along the railway line. According to police, he had committed suicide.

Due to the corona, the vibration of the earth has decreased

According to geologists, in many countries of the world, people have been instructed not to go to work and stay at home, which has significantly reduced the noise and vibrations of the earth’s motion due to the non-operation of factories and traffic. It is noteworthy that factories, cars, trains, buses, and the daily activities of human beings around the world create noise on the surface of the earth. It has been tested by thousands of earthquake detectors around the world. Scientists in many countries have noticed a reduction in the noise caused by the earth’s vibrations. These are countries where human activity is closed due to lockdowns, factories are closed and traffic on the roads is nominal. According to experts, everyone thinks that he is alone at home, but together we are increasing the geological vibrations from which we can learn lessons about other aspects of the environment. 

The positive effects of coronavirus on life

The reason we are at home is terrible, but in the future a significant number of people will change their habits, including cleanliness, clean eating, hygiene, and so on.

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