Jinnah, the great leader of the subcontinent| 25 December

Jinnah, the great leader of the subcontinent| 25 December

December 25 is a very important day for Pakistanis. On this day not only the great leader of Pakistanis was born but also the great leader of the subcontinent Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was born. Jinnah was the leader who made a history that no other leader could make. It was history to get a country without a war, which they did.

The presence of a leader is as important to the success of a common goal;

It has been a well-established principle of human history and civilization that whenever and wherever a community of individuals is willing to work together to achieve a goal, Then a leader is born out of the cradle of passion and struggle to achieve this goal. A special member of the community whom we call a leader goes ahead and kindles the fire of love in the heart of every member of the community۔. 

The presence of a leader is as important to the success of a common goal as Sincere determination is necessary for the fulfillment of the aim, life for the body, soul for life, and the essence of life for the soul. Not every person can become the soul for the life of the aspirations and the essence of life for the soul of a nation or community۔ The leader burns the fire of love in the heart of every member of the community to achieve the goal. Only a person who is convinced of his own proposed program can be entitled to be called a leader. Even the greatest storm could not shake the rock of his faith. He should be the leader and reformer of the nation, he should be the guide and he should be the commander, and he should be the commander in such a way that no one should deviate from his command. His effective and all-encompassing personality can unite the people of different faiths in one center and one path of action with his good tact, good talent and good management. 

Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s leadership;

Muhammad Ali Jinnah was also an influential and comprehensive personality who brought together the Muslims of the subcontinent of different sects and different mindsets for a common goal, worked hard to achieve this particular goal and finally succeeded in achieving his goal. It is noteworthy that Jinnah did not fight a war to achieve his goal nor shed any blood to achieve his goal, but he achieved his goal with his intelligence, hard work and sincerity.

Jinnah was a man of great rank and courage. Assessing their leadership skills is an important and difficult task. The fact is that Jinnah’s speeches seem to have all the hallmarks of a great leader.

The following statements of Jinnah show his strong will, determination and passion.

In 1939, Jinnah expressed his belief in the following words;

“Our passion is alive. Overcome us, oppress us, treat us badly, We have decided that if we have to die, we will die fighting”.

Elsewhere, while admitting his past mistake, Jinnah said;

I don’t know what happened to my self-esteem at that time that I used to reach out to the Congress. I worked so hard to solve this problem، a newspaper wrote that Mr. Jinnah never gets tired of the question of Hindu-Muslim unity. But the roundtable meetings were the biggest blow of my life. As soon as the threat appeared, the Hindu heart and mind, the Hindu sentiments and the Hindu attitudes came to the fore. Eventually the expectation of Hindu-Muslim unity was dashed and at that moment my feelings were shattered. My feelings were frustrating. I was disappointed with my country. The situation was very unfortunate. The Muslims were helpless and had no one to turn to. When I realized that all the methods of unity had been tried, I turned around and examined the situation to see what the situation required.

Some of Jinnah’s features from St. John Bernie’s diary;

Muhammad Ali Jinnah was the Governor General of Pakistan for about thirteen months. During this time he had two military secretaries, both British. The first secretary was Colonel E. St. John Bernie, who had extraordinary energy and endurance and was very strong in will. Colonel Burney writes in his diary that in December 1947, when Quaid-e-Azam was meeting with Sheikh Kuwait, an angry mob gathered at the main entrance of the Secretariat. When Bernie went to the crowd, he found out that they were all Secretariat officials and were disturbed by rumors of a massacre of his family in East Punjab. The protesters insisted that a meeting be held with Quaid-e-Azam. Finally, Quaid-e-Azam got up and came to the upper floor porch and addressed the crowd briefly, consoling the people and instructing them to be disciplined. People started chanting “Long live Quaid-e-Azam” and went home without making any more noise. After watching this scene, I became convinced that Jinnah has a tremendous impact on his nation. No Pakistani leader after him may have achieved this position.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s personal character and obedience to the law;

Once a Muslim leader asked the Quaid-e-Azam to travel in a third class coach for the sympathy of Muslims. He replied bluntly, “I live my life at my own expense.” , I do not want to base my leadership on lies. He always denied such dramas and lived on the truth.

Jinnah always obeyed the law and never broke the law of the land. Once during the journey, the car stopped at a gate and the military secretary as the governor general opened the gate for him. Seeing this, he said, “I will not follow the law I have made, so how will others do it?”

There is no other opinion that Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was the greatest political leader of this century. Thanks to his greatness and character, He made the impossible possible by creating a separate country. Even today, by following his personal character and his ideas, the country can move forward on the path of development.

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