Israel is violating international law

Occupying Palestine, Israel considers itself above international law and international human rights treaties and their provisions. Israel is violating international law. Not only that, but the Zionist state enjoys the full and unconditional support of the US administration. Israel also acknowledges flagrant violations of international law. Despite Israel’s war crimes being exposed, the international community has historically failed to hold Israel accountable due to the biased imbalance of international powers. If there is opposition to Israel on the world stage or an attempt is made to raise its voice against its crimes, the supporters of Israel begin to support it.

Palestinians have increased the Zionist state’s war crimes;

The demolition of Palestinian homes, the killing of civilians and innocent people, the continued persecution of prisoners. The consolidation of the occupation of Jerusalem, the siege of Gaza, as well as the expansion of ghettos and conspiracies to dominate them continue in full force۔ The inactivity of the international community. The cessation of Arab and regional aid, and the indifference of the international judiciary to the Palestinians have further increased the Zionist state’s war crimes. Despite continued violations of the law in Israeli-occupied Palestine, the international court and the international community continue to remain silent. Despite reports of Israeli violations in local and international media bulletins, the Zionist state could not be held accountable by international organizations. At the UN forum, there has been a movement in the form of condemnation of the crimes of the state of Israel and the adoption of some resolutions by international humanitarian organizations.

More than 10,000 Palestinian killed;

More than 10,000 Palestinian men, women and children are being held in Zionist prisons. Physical abuse of these prisoners is a daily occurrence. Refugees are not allowed to enter their homes – water resources are occupied by Israel. According to Robert Fisk, in the future, the Palestinian state will have no borders, but will be an area within Israel. The West Bank, the Gaza Strip and Jerusalem have been under Israeli occupation for 47 years. Israeli forces are relentlessly bombing refugee camps, schools, apartments, mosques and hospitals in densely populated areas. Champions of democracy and human rights activists have become hypocrites. Their false and double standards are protecting oppressive Israeli behavior as a victim of aggression and encouraging it to go to any lengths to defend itself and its people. The West, pursuing the US agenda, is shedding tears over Israel’s so-called oppression. 

The transfer of the US embassy Palestinians protest;

The Israeli military is committing war crimes at the behest of the United States. If this is considered, then it will be known that Israel committed these crimes in the background of the transfer of the US embassy, ​​while the transfer of the embassy is also a criminal step. When the Palestinians protested peacefully against the illegal transfer of the US embassy, ​​brutal Israeli forces resorted to violence and barbarism, resulting in the martyrdom of many Palestinians and the wounding of thousands.

Atrocities against Palestinians in Israeli jails;

The Zameer Foundation, a Palestinian human rights organization, says the atrocities and brutal violence against Palestinians in Israeli jails are proving the Zionist state to be involved in war crimes. A report by the foundation said that the Israeli army detained many Palestinians involved in the protests and subjected them to the worst forms of physical violence. The Zameer Foundation added that Israeli high court officials are well aware of the physical abuse of detainees. Along with them, the heads of the Israeli secret service are fully aware of the atrocities against the Palestinians. Political leaders and the government also know about violence. Yet the Palestinians face one of the worst forms of violence. 

What should Muslim states do?

Palestinians imprisoned under state auspices were tortured. The worst of such violence is an inhuman and barbaric war crime of humanity. All Muslim states must work together to bring the war crimes committed by the Israelis against the Palestinians to the International Court of Justice.

The issue of Palestine is an important international issue;

The issue of Palestine is an important international issue that has arisen due to the immense capital of the Jews and the evil character of imperialism. The Muslim world, which is currently mired in chaos and civil war, does not see any ray of light in the near future to save the Palestinians from this rejected and inhuman cruel Israel.

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