How will Biden handle relations with the Middle East?

How will Biden handle relations with the Middle East 1

Donald Trump is now the former president and Joe Biden is set to take over as the new president. Trump’s aggressive policies and actions have created new difficulties for the Biden administration. The Trump administration’s move to impose sanctions on Turkey, a key member of the European and US defense alliance NATO, will surely create difficulties for the Biden administration’s foreign policy in the coming days.

The Palestinian issue has been at the center of relations between Israel and Turkey since day one. That is why the Turkish government has decided to lower or sever its diplomatic relations with Israel three times in the past. Now let’s look at the current situation, Turkey’s decision to nominate an ambassador comes a day after the United States imposed trade sanctions on it.

In December 2017, when US President Donald Trump announced that Jerusalem would be recognized as the capital of Israel in violation of UN and international law, dozens of Palestinians were killed and 2,000 civilians were injured during protests in Palestine against the move. Following the incident, Turkey severed diplomatic ties with Israel and not only recalled its ambassador from Tel Aviv in protest, but also ordered the Israeli ambassador and the US ambassador to leave the country. Therefore, after declaring Israel a terrorist state and a murderer of Palestinian children, the nomination of a new Turkish ambassador is now a matter of debate.

The world is well aware that Trump wrapped up US policies in the Middle East during his tenure and, unlike former US presidents, openly supported the Netanyahu government, recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and transferred the US embassy in Jerusalem¬† . In order to strengthen Israel’s position, Arab countries were urged to establish relations with Israel, after which the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Sudan announced the establishment of regular relations with Israel. But the sudden announcement by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government, which has sharply criticized Israel internationally in the past, to unilaterally restore diplomatic relations with Israel is a matter of concern. The question here is whether, since Joe Biden came to power, Turkey has sought to mend fences with the United States by restoring diplomatic relations with Israel.

If you look, Trump has managed to put pressure on Arab countries after recognizing Jerusalem as the Israeli capital and the Bolan Mountains as part of Israel. Following the establishment of diplomatic relations between the United Arab Emirates and the United States, the debate over the recognition of Israel in Muslim countries is now taking a new turn. The Gulf states have been away from Israel since its inception, but recent meetings have improved relations. Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states accuse Iran of creating instability. The Gulf States and Israel have common concerns. Like most Gulf states, Israel is concerned about Iran’s intentions and sees Iran as a force that could destabilize the Middle East. The Trump administration has also been a strong supporter of closer ties between US allies in the Gulf and Israel in order to control Iran’s influence.¬†

Many countries have relied on the United States and Europe to counter China’s growing power, but they now realize that they cannot be trusted too much. India and the US have formed a group called Quad with Japan and Australia to curb China’s growing influence. The United States wants to transform this grouping into an alliance like NATO, even though the US card has not yet worked for India in dealing with a power like China. The UAE and Israel will work with the United States to launch a strategic agenda for the Middle East, and this was Trump’s biggest mission. To that end, Netanyahu is seeking to expand its ties with Arab and Muslim countries.

It remains to be seen whether Biden will be able to follow Trump’s policies, that is, he will have to formulate his own policies, and only time will tell what complications Trump’s policies will create for Biden.


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