An attempt to analyze the past and the present, which era is better

Everyone is surprised and worried about how fast time is passing. The flow of time has never stopped and will never stop. Life goes on, but the race for life has grown exponentially over the past few decades. There were new inventions, the use of state-of-the-art machines, and at the same time industrial development aimed at reducing the hardships for human beings, but considering what happened in the development, it will be seen that human beings today You seem to be busy in every corner, even though the standard of living has become much higher than before. Today, everything is available for food and drink and human facilities have been revolutionized. Cities that used to be as quiet as a village are now thriving. Looking at human activities, it is as if everything is there, but there is no time and opportunity to enjoy life. There is not enough time for a person to enjoy his life and spend a few moments with his relatives. The fact is that our worries have increased in modern times.

Despite everything, people everywhere seem to be upset;

Despite everything, people everywhere seem to be upset. Look at the cost of housing. Look at the cost of other things, including education and health, which has increased because the world has become more competitive. Today’s man is always thinking of getting ahead of other people, that is, we are always worried about getting ahead of each other and that is why we have lost the peace of life. Everyone is trying to get ahead of the other in any way, even if it means stepping on someone’s head.

Speaking of sixty years ago;

Speaking of sixty years ago, the elders say that it was a very good time, it was very simple, the houses were raw and the people were truthful, no one was tempted to make money blindly, morality was at its peak, people They loved each other, not only near but also distant neighbors lived like real brothers and sisters. One of the special things about these times was that people considered the happiness of friends and relatives as their own personal happiness. People used to accompany others in celebrations of joy and sorrow. It was a simple time and people did not lag behind in spending money on each other. This was a time when one member of the household was earning and the whole household was sitting and eating comfortably, that is, there was only one earner and everyone else was eating comfortably, there was no unemployment and there was no cry of inflation.

The disturbing situation of the present age;

On the contrary, anxiety, hatred, greed, lies and personal ego are on the rise everywhere today. People are enemies of each other’s lives, even siblings are enemies of their own siblings’ lives. Endurance and mutual respect are gone. People have stopped associating with their friends and relatives. On the one hand, people are causing others to suffer and people are not ready to tolerate the happiness of others. Inflation, unemployment, hunger and poverty are rampant. When all the members of the family come to work together, the stove of the house burns.

How fortunate were those born in the past;

How fortunate were those born in the past who sat in mud houses and listened to fairy tales from their elders. These people lived their lives by the light of lanterns and studied by reading in the light of these lanterns. They used to sit on cracked old mats in the schools and in the schools where there were no old mats, they used to take empty sacks from their homes with them to school. It was no less an honor for them to ring the school bell. These were the people who used to thicken the ink for writing on the board as a child. These were the lucky ones who saw the oxen plowing and these were the lucky ones who drank water from raw pitchers.. Apart from the village, there was so much love even among the people of the cities that people shared in each other’s sorrows equally. They fixed the antennas to run the TV and waited a week to watch a movie. In the summer, people slept in open-air beds and slept on the roofs of their rooms. No one looked up at anyone sleeping on the roof. The walls of the houses were small but these people considered themselves safe from others. Respect for each other was truly considered self-respect. In the evening, beds were made on all the beds on the roof. Whether the roof was made of earthenware or mud, the heat of the earth was reduced by spraying water. For the whole roof, there was only one fan with a stand which gave air to everyone. 

Today’s tragedy;

If you look at it today, all of the above is almost gone. People don’t have time for each other. These old things have now been replaced by new inventions. Lanterns have been replaced by large lights. There are no old storytellers left and no children to listen to. Sleeping on beds on the rooftops and sleeping on the bed in the open air is also considered defective. Instead of considering the dignity of others as their own, people are always ready to play with each other’s dignity. Despite the high walls of the houses, honors are not safe and people do not stop peeping inside the houses. Refrigerators have replaced raw pitchers, but water does not have that pleasure, nor are there people who used to drink water from raw pitchers. Instead of having the same fan in front of the stand, people are in the room with the AC or in front of separate fans. The children have also stopped sleeping in front of the fan. Instead of sitting together and watching TV programs or movies, each person has his own mobile phone or his own TV or LCD and sits separately and watches his own programs and movies, which is creating a trend of loneliness.

The present cannot be compared with the past;

The present cannot be compared with the past. People of the past used to live in mud houses, but there was a lot of love and affection between them. It was a peaceful time and there was no chaos. But now there is chaos everywhere, theft, robbery, murder, talking or dying is common. Today’s elders are worried and anxious and are forced to think that the era before the present luxuries was better or today’s era.

This forum is too small to compare the past and the present, or to put it another way, it is not possible to compare the past and the present in a single article, but it requires more time and more space. Great books can be written to compare the past and the present, but this comparison may not be complete. I have made a small attempt to compare the past and the present which I hope you have liked. Express how you like this post in the comment box and by liking it.

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