A question mark over the UN’s silence on Conflicts between Palestine and Israel

A question mark over the UN's silence.

The Israeli army is engaged in occupying Palestinian territory and massacring them.

A question mark over the UN’s silence on Conflicts between Palestine and Israel.

One thousand US-based organizations are financing the Zionist government for Jewish settlement in In the Palestinian territories.

A recent report released by the European Union (EU) has revealed that there are fears that Israel will deport 200 Palestinian families from Jerusalem. The European Union (EU) has demanded that Israel withdraw its order to evacuate Palestinian homes and evacuate the Palestinian population. A joint statement issued by the Palestinian Information Center said that Israeli authorities had issued orders to evacuate 200 Palestinians from their homes at the sites of Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan in Jerusalem. The statement said that after these orders, the Zionist state can deport the Palestinians en masse at any time by force. EU delegates met with affected Palestinian families in Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan in East Jerusalem.

EU envoys added that local Israeli law allows Palestinian families to be forcibly evicted. Israel, as an Occupied Territory, does not comply with international law regarding non-Jewish settlers in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, which is why the Israeli government has failed miserably to protect the local Palestinian population and give them their rights. A report by the Israeli human rights organization Al-Salam Al-Alan states that 600,000 Jewish settlers in West Jordan are a threat to Palestinian existence.

A report released by the United Nations has revealed that several Palestinian houses and other properties have been demolished by the Zionist state. All of these properties are located in West Jordan and Jerusalem. A report released by the United Nations Human Rights Coordination Center (UNHCR) states that Zionist authorities demolished 52 Palestinian properties in Jerusalem and West Bank in just two weeks. The report said that 67 Palestinians were directly displaced as a result of the demolition of property, while 860 Palestinians were indirectly affected. The demolition took place between November 24 and December 7. The port added that the demolition operations included 49 locations in West Jordan and three locations in Al-Quds. Statements and reports issued by international human rights organizations say that the demolition of Palestinian homes in the state of Israel has intensified. On the other hand, it has banned the construction of houses for Palestinians۔

Palestinian media have revealed that extremist Jewish groups under the auspices of the Israeli state have started new excavations in the eastern part of Al-Aqsa Mosque. Fakhri Abu Diab, an expert on Israeli excavations and Jewish settlements, said an Israeli group called Al-Aad had carried out dangerous excavations east of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Abu Diab said that in recent days new excavations have been carried out at a distance of one hundred to one hundred and fifty meters under the eastern wall of Al-Aqsa Mosque in Bab-e-Rahmat at AinAl-Azra.The excavations were carried out in the form of a tunnel near the foundations of the eastern wall of Al-Aqsa Mosque. Abu Diab continued by saying that the secret excavations near the eastern wall of Al-Aqsa Mosque were a dangerous development. He further said that excavations near Al-Aqsa Mosque are being carried out by a group called Al-Aad. Where a large amount of soil was extracted. The excavation of this soil and debris is clear evidence of dangerous excavations there. Abu Diab similarly added that the Jewish group was not only allowed to excavate the eastern side of Al-Aqsa Mosque, but also had the patronage of the Zionist regime. On the other hand, Palestinians are not being allowed to build anything in the area.

Geographically and historically, it is an important site for Canaanite, Ottoman and many other ancient relics and thousands of years old archeological sites. There are old stones here, some of which weigh several thousand tons and some ten meters long and some one meter wide. 

Russian ambassador to Israel has accused Israel of undermining peace in the Middle East. He says there is no evidence that Hezbollah has dug tunnels to attack Israel in northern Palestine. In an interview with the Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post, the Russian ambassador said the real problem was misunderstandings between warring groups and countries and non-implementation of UN resolutions on the Arab-Israeli conflict.

In response to a question, a Russian intellectual said that Israel is constantly attacking Hezbollah, while no attack has been made on Israel by Hezbollah. He is referring to the repeated bombardment of various convoys and installations in Syria by the Israeli army. In response to a question, the intellectual added that Israel’s claim that Hezbollah had built tunnels for attacks on the border between northern Palestine and Lebanon was baseless.

In response to a question about Iran, the Russian ambassador said that the accusation against Iran of violating the nuclear agreement is baseless. Talking about the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Arab countries and Israel, the Russian President said that it was aimed at benefiting Israel.

Israel is strengthening its alliance in the region against its adversaries and opposing forces.

The announcement by the African Arab country of Morocco to fully normalize diplomatic relations with Israel has provoked strong reactions from Palestinian circles. According to the Information Center, the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas and Islamic Jihad have strongly condemned Morocco’s announcement to recognize Israel and establish full diplomatic relations with the Zionist state. 

A statement issued by Hamas said that establishing diplomatic relations with Israel is not appropriate for an Islamic and Arab country like Morocco.Hamas strongly condemns Morocco’s move. The statement said that Hamas is convinced that the Moroccan people do not agree with the government’s decision because the Moroccan nation, as always, stands by Palestine, Al-Quds and Al-Aqsa Mosque. The statement described the Moroccan government’s announcement as a clear deviation from Morocco’s historic and principled position and called on Rabat to reverse its decision to recognize the Zionist state because recognizing Israel is a Moroccan political mistake and that this move will not serve the Palestinian nation or peace.

On the other hand, the spokesman of Islamic Jihad, Dawood Shehab, in a statement, called the announcement of the recognition of Israel by Morocco a betrayal of Al-Quds and the Palestinian nation. He said that recognizing Israel was another shameful defeat for Arab governments.

The health crisis in Gaza is getting worse as a result of sanctions and blockades imposed by the Israeli state during the Corona epidemic. Hamas has demanded the immediate and complete lifting of the Israeli-imposed blockade on Gaza.

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