A brief analysis of the corona virus after One year completion

A brief analysis of the corona virus after One year completion

The Corona epidemic has gripped the world for more than a year. In December 2019, the virus began wreaking havoc in the Chinese city of Wuhan. However, according to the report, the first case of corona was reported in the month of November, but the world became aware of the virus in the month of December 2019. The disease has since spread rapidly. The coronavirus immediately took over the world, and the World Health Organization declared it a global epidemic on March 11, 2020.

Differences in the measures taken by China and other countries to prevent the epidemic;

China tried to stop the epidemic on an emergency basis, but the rest of the world did not behave like China. Due to which China was able to control the epidemic but the rest of the world could not control it. The world’s superpower, the United States, was the hardest hit by the epidemic. Along with the United States, the Corona also engulfed European countries and wreaked havoc. These coronaviruses pose a threat to the world in the form of a second wave. 

Precautionary measures taken to prevent the epidemic;

Many precautions have been taken to prevent this epidemic. These precautions were taken at the individual level as well as at the government level. At the individual level, wearing masks, living alone, keeping social distance, washing hands and taking care of hygiene were practiced. At the government level travel bans were imposed, complete lockdowns were imposed in some places, smart lockdowns were imposed in some places, tourist restrictions were imposed, educational institutions were closed, religious gatherings were banned and business centers were closed.

It is not known where the coronavirus came from;

In one year, the deadly virus killed more than 1.3 million people. The number of Corona patients worldwide has exceeded 60 million. In a statement issued on December 1, 2020, Tedros, director of the World Health Organization (WHO), said that the World Health Organization (WHO) would do everything possible to find out where the coronavirus came from. One year on, the world has failed to find out where the coronavirus came from.

Tensions between China and the America over the Corona issue;

On December 1, 2020, the head of the World Health Organization (WHO) said that the corona virus problem should not be politicized, but critics said that the WHO had given the responsibility of investigating the corona virus to China. The United States has accused China of hiding the severity of the corona virus and called on the World Health Organization to keep its investigation into the epidemic transparent. The Trump administration has accused the World Health Organization of favoring China, calling it a puppet of China. 

The director of the World Health Organization (WHO) Director denied the allegations. In response to the allegations, the WHO Director said that the team investigating the coronavirus includes respected people from Australia, Russia, Sudan, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Vietnam and the United Kingdom And the United States.

WHO guidelines on coronavirus deaths; 

When the corona virus spread, the WHO issued the same guidelines that it had prepared for the Ebola virus. The virus was brand new and needed to be researched. The WHO had issued instructions that the virus could be spread by people who die from the coronavirus. But when the research was done, it was found that the coronavirus could not be spread by sitting next to the dead and their last rites could be performed.

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